“Voter research confirms that the top issue for most Colorado Springs residents is affordability including the ability to attain a home, pay their utility bills, get to work on safe roads, play, and enjoy a quality life. For most of us it is “kitchen table” issues. We love our community but, want our children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities that we have had.”

Brian Risley focuses on priorities for Colorado Springs


  • Attainable and affordable housing

  • Utility costs

  • Ensuring an environment that supports business and the growth of our economy

  • Limiting the cost of government

“We all want to live in a safe, secure, and welcoming community. That can only be achieved if our elected leaders do everything in their power to support our first responders so that with their response, we can ensure that our neighborhoods are safe from crime and that everything possible has been done to ensure a safe environment from things like wildfire and nature.”

Public Safety

  • Supporting, retaining and recruiting officers and firefighters

  • Addressing increasing crime in our neighborhoods

    • Murder rate
    • Car break-ins and theft
    • Drug trafficking
    • Human and sex trafficking
  • Addressing our community’s homeless crisis

  • Ensuring our regional emergency management system works

    • Fire Evacuation Planning
    • High Winds, Blizzards, Traffic

“Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to live, and people want to come here, grow their families, and partake in a healthy community. Our city’s growth will only continue to increase but, how we respond to it can ensure it is growing responsibly. The emphasis of smart growth is centered on creating affordability and attainability in the housing market, maintaining the vibrancy and economic vitality for the whole community.”

Smart Growth Planning

  • Balancing the rights of private property owners

  • Development that respects existing neighborhoods

  • Water

  • Utilities infrastructure

  • Transportation infrastructure

  • Environmental sensitivity